Why you should employ people with MBAs

If you are a manager recruiting new staff, you might find yourself wondering what it is that distinguishes a candidate who has an MBA from one who does not. Similarly, you might ponder the value in supporting your staff in securing an MBA.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) tracked the employability of MBA students and found that 88% of corporate recruiters planned to increase their intake of MBA students in 2016 by 8%, which is 33% higher than 2010. So what is it that make these candidates in demand?

1. They are big-picture thinkers

The purpose of a masters of business administration is to equip graduates with an in-depth understanding of how all the cogs of a business fit together – in an industry, a business plan, or a specific project. Where some may see a maze of tangled lines, they are trained to see links and ladders.

In a globalised marketplace, constantly reshaped by technological change, this kind of perspective is more critical than ever. And, by working more efficiently and intelligently, your employee will in turn help inspire their teammates to succeed.

And if you’re an MBA graduate, there’s good news – about 73% of MBA graduates believe their qualification resulted in career advancement, which contributed to higher levels of job satisfaction.

2. They are equipped with the up-to-date knowledge

Like any refresh in education, an MBA exposes students to the very latest business thinking. By supporting an employee through an MBA degree, or doing one yourself, you are making sure the most up-to-date business theory and practice is informing strategic decisions in your business.

Asking your employee to share their new knowledge regularly with their team not only lets everyone benefit from the postgraduate training, it also consolidates the student’s learning.

MBA courses help graduates promote business growth and profitability by:

  • Nurturing the capacity to rigorously evaluate opportunities and threats
  • Developing interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Equipping them with the ability to find simple solutions to complex problems
  • Refining leadership skills to manage and foster productive, engaged teams
  • Providing a proactive approach to lifelong learning and problem-solving
  • Providing a global perspective and encouraging graduates to think outside the box

3. They have an impressive network of connections

Another oft-cited benefit of doing an MBA, or employing an MBA graduate, is the connections people make. Most MBA courses are taught by highly experienced and well-connected business leaders who enjoy helping younger, aspiring business minds find mentors.

Graduates also have access to professionals from a wide range of sectors, and all corners of the globe, through their university’s alumni network. This is why so often thriving companies seem to attract talent like moths to a flame: many of the best and brightest MBA graduates have forged connections and so end up working together.

Although classroom discussion is where an MBA student’s perspectives are grown; understanding the challenges facing other industries by working through other students’ case studies gives the opportunity to apply similar solutions to your organisation.

For many professionals, undertaking an MBA online is a practical option; maintaining their current workload while upskilling, without having to go on campus for night classes or weekend intensives. Employers, too, often report that they begin reaping the benefits as soon as the course is begun, as the student begins applying their new knowledge to their work as they gain it.

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