The rise in popularity of forex and derivatives trading in 2020

forex and derivatives

For a long time forex and derivative trading have been very popular. However, in the current year, we see its popularity become more pertinent that ever.

The reason for this rise can be explained by a few key factors. It is important to consider these factors as well as understand the basic risks of forex and derivative trading before deciding to engage in this scene. Here are the catalysts behind its rise.

People are at home

In the current state of the world, people are encouraged to work from home and stay in their houses when not performing essential activities.

This increase in time spent around the house and decrease in hobby engagement has forced people to look at other ways to spend their time. Those with interest in financial markets who would usually not have the time or willpower to invest, now find themselves with a lot more time on their hands and the desire for stimulation.

Even those who had no real interest in trading find themselves getting involved and researching due to the time they now have on their hands. 

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Lack of work

Unfortunately, for those currently unemployed it is very difficult to find work as a result of the hardships businesses are currently facing.

People still have the desire and need to earn income and are now looking at other possible avenues to do this. Trading on the foreign exchange and derivatives markets can be a viable option and a great way to diversity income sources.

Fewer opportunities for gambling

The lack of sport and live events has taken a toll of the gambling and betting industries. For many people, investing their money into these fields can be profitable and a positive experience.

Looking for a new way to invest and gamble with their money, a large amount of people have recently turned to forex and derivates trading.

Proceed with caution

If you are someone who is interested in getting involved in trading, whether or not you fall into the above categories, make sure to appreciate the risks involved with this industry.

The markets are very unpredictable and there are many unregulated brokers who attempt to make profits off your failure.

Using trusted resources such as Compare Forex Brokers to select an ASIC regulated broker is a great way to ensure safe and confident transactions. Be sure to keep learning and even practice on a demo account before risking your real money.

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