Cloud software, automation and going digital: How to optimise recruitment during a pandemic

optimise recruitment

The talk of the web is remote working and unemployment, but is anyone discussing the intense pressure COVID-19 has placed on HR? Regular COVID-19 announcements, compliance requirements, managing a remote workforce — double the responsibilities with minimal resources!  

So — how do we cope? We re-strategise.

In order to successfully recruit in the midst of a pandemic without pleading ignorant to other important responsibilities, we must optimise recruitment processes, uphold social distancing requirements and be systematic.

If processes do not maximise efficiencies the business will suffer, and potentially go under. The business is already under strain in the wake of a recession and changing regulations so you must introduce plans to optimise your HR team’s workload so they can spread their attention across new hires and existing employees. 

Set up your cloud software 

Foremost, set up cloud software. The office is remote, meaning each employee is operating on their own schedule. Whilst this is great for employees’ lifestyles, we must consider the impact on the business. If this isn’t managed correctly it could be detrimental to the progression and success of the company. 

Cloud-based software enables employees to collaborate from any location, therefore increasing productivity. Collaboration is essential to optimise recruitment as no decision is made by a single individual. 

The request-to-hire must be reviewed and approved and then the applications must be reviewed and discussed. The size of the business will alter the layers of this workflow, however, there will always be multiple stakeholders.

Automated notifications inform stakeholders it’s their turn in the approval process, or if there’s information (or candidates) that require review. This reduces time delays that remote work can encourage.

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Go paperless 

Prior to COVID, paperless processes were desirable due to digital footprint and environmental factors, however, post-COVID, paperless systems will be a necessity in order to optimise recruitment.

Everything must be contactless as the office is spread over the state (or even the globe). 

Processes must be contactless to eliminate multi-handling documents. Moving documents between multiple people is a time waster and increases risk of spreading germs. 

Digital processes create systematic efficiencies as multiple employees can work on the same task at the same time (hint: this is where the cloud comes in). 

Automation also reduces the manual labour required by HR. Essential data (such as salary and role responsibilities) input into e-forms are stored in the software.

This eliminates time spent inputting the same data multiple times, therefore providing HR with more time to dedicate to other responsibilities. 

Start using video interviews

Due to the pandemic, profitability has dramatically decreased and stunted the growth of many small businesses. In order to counteract this, many employees have been let go — resulting in skeleton staff. 

This is where video interviews are life saving.

Video interviews are pre-recorded video responses provided by candidates when they apply for a position. 

Compared to live interviews (e.g. real-time Zoom calls) video interviews are 30 seconds to a minute instead of 45 minutes to an hour. 

They unearth extensive insights into the soft & hard skills, communication skills and emotional intelligence of candidates — sound familiar? The same insights of a live interview — in less than half the time.

They’re also accessible at any time and from any location. 

Interviews are shareable amongst users via SMS and email. So, if you’ve made a digital comment on the candidate profile and need a second opinion, you can easily share your comments, and the video, with colleagues.

Automate onboarding 

Onboarding is arguably the most time demanding process of recruitment. Again, to be COVID-compliant this process must be automated and contactless.

 E-forms included in the onboarding pack (such as a contract, tax e-form, or watch and sign e-form) are generated automatically by your cloud software.

Since the forms are digitised the candidate can complete it in a matter of minutes, regardless of their location. On the train, in bed, on the way to dinner… 

This reduces HR labour requirements, eliminates the delay of a new hire starting and removes double handling of documents.

Integrate payroll into your cloud software

If your software integrates with payroll it may also heavily reduce the need, or number, of administrative employees and thus optimise recruitment processes.

This will depend largely on the size of your company, but for small companies the automation of data integrating into the payroll system means they won’t need admin to track and confirm documents and manually process the information. This is a huge benefit if you’re needing to cut costs and operate on skeleton staff. 

These are the factors you must consider when recruiting during the pandemic. Every decision you make has an outcome, and every decision you don’t make has an outcome. 

During these trying times it’s difficult to know what to do, but if you take away anything from this article it’s that you must re-strategise and discover how you can maximise operation and workplace efficiency whilst being COVID compliant.

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