New technology has spurred the growth of this entertainment business


New technology has brought many changes into our homes, and this includes the way we consume movies and television programs.

Many of us now use streaming services such as Apple iTunes, Telstra T-box and others, to watch movies and programs when we want to.

However, some new releases are only available to buy not rent and, can only be viewed on the device on which the purchase was made.

Craig White, the CEO of Access Digital Management and, a serial entrepreneur, knew there was a better way. Craig launched his business EzyFlix, to tackle the two main issues straight up.

Rather than providing just a subscription streaming service, Ezyflix is a pay per view trimming and download service. Customers can store their library in the cloud or, download it. Secondly, once you’ve bought or rented something, it can be viewed from any device.

“Customers can download what they’ve bought, removing any buffering issues and, watch it on whatever device they have,” explains Craig. “If you’re travelling, this means that your library of programs and movies are available without the need to be connected to the internet.”

“I’ve learned a lot about technology,” says Craig, “I am no longer intimidated by technology and how it can transform businesses.”

Getting Hollywood buy-in

Craig has personally brokered deals with major Hollywood studios for distribution rights for the EzyFlix download service in Australia and New Zealand. As a result, close to 4,000 movie and television program titles are available.

“It’s about giving Australian audiences the content they want to watch, when they want to watch it and, on whatever technology they want to use,” says Craig.

Craig knows that by providing a download service of latest releases, he is helping reduce illegal downloads. “Providing a service where customers can download what they want, with a safe online payment mechanism, allows people to do the right thing,” he says.

“Easy, safe online payments are vital to EzyFlix. Our customers need it, we need it, and it ensures we can quickly make payments to the studios for their content,” explains Craig. “Our international expansion has also been streamlined, thanks to the online payment system we have in place, CommBiz. It handles multiple currencies through the same system.”

Timing is everything

Canteen management made easier

The timing of new releases is crucial. Movies are available through EzyFlix around the same time they become available for DVD purchase and in some instances even sooner. Television programs are usually available within 24 hours of their first airing.

Craig has carved a niche in the personal entertainment market in Australia. He is set to take on his next market challenge, with plans in place to launch into the U.K. by the year’s end.

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