SME Directions for 2016 – Have Your Say and Gain Valuable Insights

Dear SmartCompany reader,

To make sure we continue providing you with the most relevant and informative news and resources, we’d like to better understand your priorities for the year ahead. By taking part, you’ll receive our collated results and gain meaningful insights into the focus and direction of SME businesses in 2016.

Many SMEs are sitting on a multitude of systems, from accounting and finance to CRM, Inventory and eCommerce. The tendency is to add-on new applications as the business grows – but how does the system architecture look when it comes to integrating different departments?

Recent trends show a shift to cloud technology, as well as an uptake in business intelligence and reporting tools for creating visibility across your business. Are you one of those businesses embracing cross-department visibility and real time reporting or potentially compromising your business growth with outdated internal software?

Our 2016 SME Directions Survey, brought to you by JCurve Solutions, will pose a range of questions to understand business confidence for 2016, including how you anticipate technology will impact businesses.

The Survey will unpack your confidence in government SME-related policies, and your opinions on the most important aspects of building revenue and controlling costs for the next twelve months and beyond. Let us know how you intend to facilitate your growth and stay competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

We’re looking forward to collating and sharing with you the biggest key insights to help fast track your business growth.

Complete the 2016 SME Directions Survey to share your thoughts on running an efficient and successful business.

JCurve is passionate about empowering growth for SMEs and looks forward to discovering the opportunities and challenges SmartCompany readers are facing in 2016.


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