Video interviewing 101: The COVID-19 trend that’s changing the way we recruit

video interviews

COVID-19 brought on the workplace revolution no one predicted. The push we needed to re-strategise and renew our business operations. 

Living in a world constantly technologically advancing, why didn’t we think to digitalise our day-to-day work operations?

Now that it’s become a necessity rather than a choice, let’s pivot our attention towards the latest trend utilised by HR and recruiters. 

Video interviewing 101

Let’s set the record straight — this is not Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts.

These are classified as live interviews because they’re conducted in real time.  

Video interviews are pre-recorded videos that serve as a replacement or complementary tool for resumes to create a three-dimensional impression of the candidate.

HR and recruiters request video responses to screening questions as an application requirement. The collection of videos is called a video interview.

The length of the video answers is dependent on user discretion (usually 30 seconds to a minute), as well as the number of video answers required. 

After submission, HR can view the responses on their recruitment software platform as many times as necessary and make digital notes on the candidates profiles as they go.

Why are video interviews trending?

The pandemic has created a virtual reality.

Recruiting during these times has brought to light many challenges and inefficiencies of traditional recruitment processes, including the difficulty of interviewing candidates whilst upholding social distancing regulations. 

The necessity to comply with COVIDSafe rules is a huge influence behind the increased prominence of video interviews. 

Video interviews are contactless and can be completed and watched from virtually anywhere. 

They reveal soft skills, personality traits, communication skills and emotional intelligence in a matter of minutes, rather than an hour-long live interview. So if a tool existed that offered extensive insights without the traditional substantial time investment, wouldn’t you get excited?

This tool gives HR an edge, with the ability to screen large pools of candidates in a short amount of time by utilising videos as the primary source of information. Visual stimuli resonates better compared to reading marketing bluff (AKA resumes and cover letters). 

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This advantage is ideal in a time of huge application influx caused by a rise in unemployment rates. 

Video interviews are sharable amongst HR and managers, resulting in a reduction of unconscious bias as all users are held accountable for their actions and decisions are made unanimously.

For example, after HR has made their digital notes they can share the candidate profile with their managers to view the video interviews, alongside the notes, and digitally note their thoughts. 

These sharing capabilities are essential during COVID-19 as colleagues working from various locations can collaborate on one platform and view all changes & actions made. This ensures accountability and transparency, and eliminates the risk of data loss, whilst supporting colleagues working on different schedules. 

Through gaining better insights of the type of candidates that apply, HR is able to better create an ideal candidate profile and determine which candidates are most suitable. 

Therefore, reducing the number of candidates who require phone screening, and the number of interviews that must be conducted. As many small businesses have reduced head counts during the pandemic, this method of reducing the manual labour required by HR is ideal.

How do I conduct a video interview well? 

Tailor your screening questions to your business needs and ideal candidate profile. By doing so you ensure the video interviews offer valuable information, thus resulting in ultimate candidate screening outcomes. These questions will change from B2B and industry to industry but may resemble: 

  • Why do you think you’d fit in well with the company?
  • Describe your personality in three adjectives, and your hard skills in three adjectives.
  • In your current or previous job, what was the biggest challenge you faced, why do you think that was and how did you overcome it?
  • What is your strategy to remain productive when under pressure at work? 

Put time, effort and attention into the development of your video questions, and the analysis of video interviews you receive. Collaboration is made easy with this tool, so take advantage of it! 

Work together to achieve the greatest outcome in the shortest possible time. We’ve never needed collaboration and business cohesiveness more than now. 

Video interviews can be unbiased, insightful, contactless and affordable. 

They also reduce the time-to-hire and money required for recruitment activities, which is why many companies are obsessing over the potential the software extends.

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MyRecruitment+ is an Australian based cloud software that enables HR to manage their recruitment and onboarding activities from one location. MyRecruitment+ promotes productivity and collaboration, and seamlessly integrates with current HR systems to offer an end-to-end solution for sourcing, managing, processing and hiring candidates. Clients are located in AU, UK, USA, CA and NZ and include SBS, Breville and Feros Care.

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