“Intangible moments of magic”: Visualise your brainwaves with the help of this wearable tech

Dexus art installation at 100 Martin Place, North Sydney. Image supplied.

A new art installation in the lobby of a new office building in North Sydney asks people to take a moment to clear their minds in a moment of mindfulness in order to create a unique piece of digital art. 

Using a modified electroencephalogram (EEG) device to read beta and theta brainwave activity, changes in brainwave activity are represented by an artistic visualisation projected on the 16-metre lobby video wall. 

The project by property group Dexus was created in an effort to highlight the significant role technology, and in particular wearable technology, plays in promoting wellbeing in workspaces. Dexus worked with creative agency Paper Moose to develop the installation over a six-month period. 

“We’ve spent a lot of time looking at those intangible moments of magic that people have in the office,” says Dexus principal of workplace consulting Su Lim. “Whether they have a great creative idea, feel inspired, collaborate with team mates, or achieve a pinnacle moment of success. 

“We were intrigued by the impact surroundings have on your state of mind and how this can impact how you reach your potential at work.”

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Do we need more tech in the workplace? 

Wearables are being used in workplaces to drive productivity and wellbeing in the healthcare, retail, travel, financial and property sectors, according to Deloitte. Although in decades past there has been concern about how advances in technology could make workers obsolete, this is far from the reality. 

Wearable technology can help increase a worker’s physical abilities by tracking their own health to ensure safety standards are met. While technology will continue to change the way we work, its purpose should always be to improve on what is already available to us. 

Business owners looking at implementing new technology should do so with a purpose. 

“If you’re going to spend money then you may as well spend it where it counts, so that it actually delivers something back to the organisation, rather than just for aesthetic purposes,” Lim says.  

Artwork projected on 16-metre screen. Image supplied.

Finding time for a moment of mindfulness

For your brainwaves to be visually represented on the screen, Dexus is asking people to put on a headband with the EEG device and take a moment to clear their minds. 

The installation is a reminder to the hundreds of office workers passing through the lobby of 100 Mount Street that you can always find a moment to clear your mind, even when it doesn’t feel like you have the time. 

Lim acknowledges it can be hard to switch off, with technology removing any time related barriers. 

“One of the issues of today is that you’re bombarded with tonnes of information. The technologies we use start to demand really fast response rates, you don’t need to wait for snail mail,” Lim says. 

But change is necessary. Changes within a workplace can come from technology, new processes and even a change in behaviour from those in charge. 

“It’s that thing about purpose; deciding what you need to do that’s going to make the most impact, rather than trying to do everything,” Lim says. 

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Dexus is Australia’s biggest owner and manager of commercial property. Dexus is always innovating to deliver the best possible experience to organisations and their employees, so everyone can get the most from their time at work.

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