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Conquering risk: Top Aussie SMEs share their greatest challenge

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Risk – it’s a hurdle every business is required to overcome. Simply starting a business is a risk in itself, but as the winners of the SmartCompany WFI Smart50 awards have shown, challenges can come in different forms.

It’s only by identifying a risk and then taking a leap that these SMEs are able to achieve such high levels of success.

In this new SmartCompany eBook, Worth the risk: How Australia’s fastest growing businesses embraced their greatest challenge, we examine how some of Australia’s fastest-growing SMEs have turned their greatest hurdles into a success.

Brought to you by WFI, this free eBook will explore:

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in business;
  • The reality of putting your wallet on the line;
  • Innovation and fighting resistance to change;
  • Growth strategies for your business, and more.

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