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Have you heard about the ‘Great Resignation’?

It’s a buzz term that has a lot of people feeling excited or concerned, depending on your perspective. The phrase comes from the World Economic Forum and their shocking statistic: 41% of employees worldwide plan to leave their jobs this year. This isn’t only totally unprecedented — for many employers and HR managers, it’s beyond comprehension.

While Europe and the US are starting to see the shock waves of mass turnover already, Australia’s somewhat delayed experience due to the Delta variant means that our movement hasn’t started yet. But be warned — it’s coming.

Employment Hero has put together this eBook to present a complete snapshot of the current talent sentiment to help your business get prepared. You can now access survey results from 1,000 workers across Australia, including:

  • Their plans for job movement;
  • Their career objectives;
  • What would attract them to a business, and;
  • What would make them stay in their current role.

Whether you’re looking to retain your current staff or recruit new team members, now is the time to get organised.

Download this eBook now to access essential insights so you can put in the groundwork now and make the Great Resignation work for you.

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