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eBook: Everything you need to know to start a home business

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Starting a home business?


You’ve made the big leap and decided to strike out on your own. For many new small business owners, the next step is the hardest. How do you take your dream and turn it into a living, breathing reality? The logistics of setting up an office space, registering for an ABN, deciding on a logo, and keeping on top of your finances can make you want to call it a day before you’ve even begun.

Here’s where this guide can help. In this eBook we’ll cover how to start a business from home – including lessons from those who have successfully done it before. We’ll discuss why it’s a great idea to set up a home office, what you need to get organised, how to get started with branding and a logo, register your business, manage your finance, and find those first precious customers.

Starting a home business can feel like navigating an obstacle course, but with this eBook you’ll learn to tackle each step using tried and true advice.

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