Radical thinking: Why your business needs to put disruption on the agenda

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It’s used as a buzzword more often than not. Small businesses are told they must do it – or be left behind. And for leaders of bigger and established businesses, it may even be a threatening thought.


In this eBook, Disrupt your own business: How to shake things up and take the lead, we’ve consulted a range of experts to discuss not only what disruption means for small business, but also how SMEs can benefit from it.

Whether it’s by simply creating new processes to harness an agile methodology, or by turning your entire business plan upside down, we discuss what it will take to achieve success.

Brought to you by Powershop, this eBook will discuss:

  • How you can get out of the rut and lead through transition;
  • Tactics for disrupting your business for the long-term;
  • Working in real-time with data;
  • Ways to think differently when it comes to customer service and marketing;
  • Key examples of disruption occurring within the marketing space.


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