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SMBs are pushing forward after more than a year of change. Owners and leaders have guided their businesses through an ongoing health crisis, large-scale social change, and a volatile economy.

As we see in this trend report, many SMB leaders have successfully adjusted — and even flourished. The Small and medium business trends report shares a snapshot of SMB leaders’ current perceptions and insights and how these have changed.

This eBook analyses the responses of more than 2,500 SMB owners and leaders around the world to determine:

  • How support from local communities has affected SMBs
  • What SMBs are doing to deepen trust with customers and employees
  • How technology helps SMBs grow
  • What has changed for SMBs over the past year and how that impacts their future

Download the trends report today to delve into these insights and more, and arm your business with knowledge to help you triumph over whatever tribulations lie ahead.

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