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Take the guesswork out of starting a business

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Think back to before you started your business: is there something you wish you’d known? No matter what experience you bring to the table, there is always a steep learning curve when launching your first – or any – business. Ask any founder, they probably have spent more time than they care to admit on figuring out what works best. Being in business means a lot of trial and error. 

Being able to forecast how the market will shift and react to your business is one thing, but knowing how to build a foundation that can adapt to its changing surroundings is a different matter. Once that’s in place, there is also the question of how to grow your business and mature your goals and practices.

This SmartCompany eBook, produced in partnership with Oracle Netsuite, offers practical advice from former Smart50 Award winners and other small business owners and decision-makers on the mentality they nurture in their businesses and the practical tips they have implemented in order to succeed. 

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