Webinar: The economics of diversity – how a diverse workforce affects your bottom line

13 July 2017

1:30 pm AEST

0 hr 45 min

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Diversity in your business isn’t a vanity exercise. It actually impacts your effectiveness – in the positive. As the new financial year takes hold, we talk about the economics of diversity.

According to La Trobe Business School Accounting research, larger ASX-listed firms are more likely to have women on their boards, and as a result, achieve significantly better financial performance.

Research led by University of Texas academic Orlando Richard found that racially diverse workplaces showed enhanced performance in firms implementing an innovation strategy.

In order for businesses to be considered industry leaders and remain competitive, encouraging people from different backgrounds to collaborate is an important factor that employers need to actively consider. How can you pursue and actively promote diversity in your workplace to foster organisational and brand growth?

As part of the Great Australian Workplace series, tune into this month’s webinar to hear from Gemma Lloyd, co-founder, Diverse City Careers and change agent Jen Dalitz FCPA on how diversity can improve your bottom line.


Gemma Lloyd, co-founder of Diverse City Careers
Gemma Lloyd is a social entrepreneur, having co-founded Diverse City Careers, served on two not-for-profit boards within IT and established another not-for-profit organisation for diversity and inclusion professionals. 
In 2017, Gemma was listed in the SE100 top Social Entrepreneurs and Innovators globally, in 2016, won the WIT Entrepreneur of the Year Award and a #Techdiversity Award in the Leaders in Advertising category.

Jen Dalitz CPA, change agent
Jen Dalitz is a change agent, specialising in gender diversity and business strategy. Jen has been a Telstra Business Awards finalist and the recipient of an Edna Ryan Workplace Award for improving the working conditions of Australian women.  She represented Australia in a BBC global debate on the advancement of women and the Millennium Goals and the Women’s Summit hosted by Malaysia’s Minister for Women.


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