A dominating woman wants to start a business with me. Should I?

Aunty B,

Last year I set-up my own hairdressing business from home. It is gathering good pace but I feel with better marketing skills I could take it much further, as I still don’t feel it’s reached its true potential.

However I’ve being asked to go into business with a friend of mine on a different venture that on the surface looks like I could do alongside my own business. Is this realistic? Should I concentrate more on what I know? Or have a go at something new?

I am the main earner in our house so we can’t sacrifice any income.

But my main reservation is my friend – she can be very domineering… would it work with her or am I setting myself up for stress? Should I go in as a part share rather than 50/50?

Any advise would be appreciated.




Dear Lisa,

Are you nuts? Of course you can’t run another business AND run your own business.

You are the main income earner – so make more income. You say the business has great potential, if you market it – so market it.

Get a web site, do some SEM, get flyers, join local groups, offer free haircuts as a fund raiser at school fairs, do makeovers in your shop window, do competitions – you know the drill.

I suggest that your friend, the dominating matrix, is applying pressure. It can be very seductive to be chased by a powerful individual to start a new business. But all that does is distract you. Stay disciplined and focused. If you feel like a new challenge, decide to build a chain of hair dressers.


Good luck,

Your Aunty B.

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