Am I an entrepreneur or just an employee?

Dear Aunty B,

I am a Gen Y working for a marketing company and have itchy feet. I have only ever lasted in a job for two years before I want another one. I think the answer for me lies in starting my own business. But how do I know if I am an entrepreneur?




Dear Jennifer,


Oh, so now entrepreneurship is the Gen-Y answer to boredom. Jennifer, maybe you need a shrink, not a business. Why not try this poll? I found it in a book called Entrepreneur… and Beyond, By Alex McMillan.


Test yourself out on this.


Employee thinking Entrepreneur thinking
I need a monthly salary I need to make a profit
I need good superannuation I need a capital gain to retire
I want a promotion If you want to get to the top start there
Thank God it’s Friday God is it Friday already?
If I qualify I can get a good job If I set up my own business I can employ well qualified people
What do you want me to do What needs doing?
I need a secure job I want to be financially free
I look forward to retiring at 65 I never want to retire but I will be able to soon
I want high status I want to control my own destiny
I want to stay on the boss’s good side I want to control my own destiny
I like to keep to my strength area I need creativity and variety
I want a better job I have a dream
I want to keep to my area of strength I need creativity and variety


And here are a few of my own

I love getting a pay rise I love promoting people
I have done my best How do I do better?
I leave at 5 I never really leave work
I need a fixed income I can live with great financial uncertainty
I hate my job I love my life

Can the Smart Community offer Jennifer any more thoughts? What is the difference between the mindset of an employee and an employer?






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