Bad times have led me to bad habits. Help!

Dear Aunty B,

I run a small business that is really in trouble. Just to cope I find I have developed a number of time-wasting little tricks to get myself through the day.

For instance every time I get bad news, I go out, buy a packet of fags and hang around on the street corner, smoking two or three in a row. (I am not a smoker generally.)

On the one hand this means I can come back and face the office with confidence. On the other hand it eats into my day and makes my day longer – not good when I am already stressed.

Any thoughts?



Hi TF,

When I get bad news I go for a trot around the city which (1) takes a good half hour and (2) is not a good idea in high heels.

Look. Let’s you and I have a pact. No more self pity. We can’t afford the time. And besides in this environment, you will die of lung cancer, and me of exhaustion or a mortal ankle-twist.

So this is our pact. When we get bad news, we will stay at the office, absorb the news, think of a solution or next step, and immediately engage in action.

As a reward for such remarkable discipline at kicking our little self pity habit, we will go home at a reasonable time and switch off!

Here are some time wasters from entrepreneurs:

Sit down and chat to staff.
Go shopping (women).
Call a meeting when everyone is busy.
Hit the coffee shop.

Your Aunty B.


Send in your time wasting habits when you get bad news to [email protected]


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