What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made at work? People are coming clean on Twitter and it’s both hilarious and comforting

We’ve all been there: despite our best efforts, and sometimes because of them, we’ve all made mistakes at work.

Maybe you were responsible for an unfortunate pricing error? Or you maybe you accidentally deleted 40,000 contacts from a marketing database, permanently?

For business owners, the consequences of making a mistake can be huge; we’re talking, affecting-the-future-viability-and-success-of-your-business huge. And they can often come with a big price tag.

Or, maybe you’re in the same boat as Bill Gates, and your mistake was missing a big business opportunity.

Whatever your error was, there’s bound to be feelings of regret. And you might tell yourself that no one, ever, in the history of the world, has made the same mistake as you. It makes getting back on your feet and back to work all that much harder.

So it can be helpful to know there are actually, in fact, plenty of people, all over the world, who have made as big of a mistake as you at work. And now, thanks to Twitter, we can find out what those mistakes are.

Last week, Twitter user Steve Doherty asked people to share their biggest on-the-job mistakes.

While many of the responses were laugh-out-loud funny, they were also deeply comforting. You are not alone and no one is perfect, certainly not at work.

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