Can I ask clients not to call staff on weekends?

Dear Aunty B,


I run a fast growing digital agency. My problem is my main clients feel free to call/email/SMS my staff on weekends.

One client, whom we call Psycho Pete, rang one of my staff eight times to ask that some items be changed in a campaign. When she asked if Psycho Pete could call her back on Monday as there was nothing that couldn’t wait until then, he got really narky and told her he was very busy during the week and only had the weekend free to work on the campaign. He then asked for the changes to be sent through so she effectively had to work all Sunday.


My staff have suggested we sack Psycho Pete, but he brings in 15% of revenue. Can I ask clients not to call staff on weekends? And how?


Dylan S,
Golf Coast


Dear Dylan,


I suggest you email all your nuisance clients and tell them to bugger off. Tell them there are plenty of companies around the world that will service them day or night, probably for less than they are paying you and provide a better service. Tell them that although they work seven days a week, you and your staff could not give a hoot about their needs as you are busy attending to your own.


Alternatively you could accept that we no longer work butcher’s hours (though annoyingly, butchers still do) and for the big bucks you undoubtedly are paying them, staff can take a call or two on the weekend. Of course if they work on a Sunday they get a day in lieu and I don’t think they are going to complain about taking a three day weekend with a voucher thrown in as a thanks for going the extra mile.


Personally I don’t think you are going to have a problem. Your staff sound very contemptuous of Psycho Pete. I reckon you’ll lose him as a client and not only weekends will be deadly quiet.



Aunty B

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