Can I stop my staff from getting their internet shopping delivered to the workplace?

Can I stop my staff from getting their internet shopping delivered to the workplace?

Dear Aunty B,

I’m sick and tired of our staff getting their internet shopping delivered to work. It’s ridiculous, I reckon a package would arrive nearly every day.

A lot of our staff are young women and I think they are shopping from their computers on company time. We have rules that staff can use the internet for personal use at lunch time only, but I find it hard to police it without going up to the office to have a look at what’s on their screens.

Should I tell them they’re not allowed to have their shopping delivered here? They need to respect that the workplace is for work and not shopping!

Jon, Brighton


Dear Jon,

Let’s unpack your package problem – I think the issue isn’t the deliveries; it’s that you don’t trust your staff.

Going around ‘policing’ their internet history is not going to create a very pleasant workplace culture and it probably won’t stop staff if they are shopping on company time.

Stop being suspicious and get officious – call a meeting and outline the internet policy, letting your staff know the reason that Facebook isn’t banned at work is because you value a flexible work culture – but you expect respect in return for that flexibility.

And if you still think the packages are what is really bothering you, go ahead and ban them. I can guarantee slapping staff with a rule, with no communication, won’t foster respect.

Be Smart,

Your Aunty B

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