Cash is too tight to play Santa this year. Do I drop the Christmas party and become a Scrooge?

Dear Aunty B,

We’re having an ugly end to the year and we’ll finish quite a long way behind budget.

I’m madly hunting for ways to cut costs but I just can’t decide whether or not to kill the Christmas party.

I’d set aside $1,500 for dinner and some small gifts for the team, but given the current state of affairs, cutting that cost would really help.

I feel like Scrooge but I’d rather have no party than no business to come back to after Christmas.




Dear Humbug,

I feel your pain, but you simply cannot kill the Christmas party. Here’s why.

All my life I’ve hated Christmas parties and I reckon there are plenty of people like me. But they are so symbolic – a chance, no matter how small, for you to buy your team a drink and say thanks.

It might not seem like the Christmas party matters, but it does.

So here’s what to do. Scale the Christmas party right back. Pick a Friday, close the office at midday, head down to the local park and have a barbie. Splash out on some good meat and decent booze, play a few games, make it an occasion.

And give a great speech, where you thank every single staff member by name.

You’ll have the most memorable Christmas party in years and you’ll get out of it for less than $500.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B

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