Do I have to move my difficult staff member on?

 Dear Aunty B:


One of my staff that I recently hired on a great package (he is earning more than me) has a major personality flaw. He cannot take on responsibility and keeps trying to cover up mistakes.


I am quite confused because in his interview five months ago he came across as having great leadership skills and he performed really well for the first few months. I had planned to groom him for a senior position. Will training and experience help?


Kelly Schilberger, WA





Hi Kelly,


You are procrastinating. Now we can mamby pamby about and suggest leadership courses, business coaches, psychologists… WHATEVER…


But Kelly, the characteristics of a person cannot change and all the training and experience will not alter this. Nor will plaintive letters to Aunty B. What you see is what you get Kelly.

Most people can keep a major character weakness hidden for a bit, but it will emerge. Now you have two choices: either put him in a position where his flaws don’t impede on the job… or you move him on.


Oh and while you are being assertive, give yourself a pay rise.




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