I am sick of runways. When do I have to travel?

Dear Aunt,


I am so sick of sitting on the runway waiting for planes to take off. It has got so bad that even when I leave Melbourne at 6.30am I can’t assume I will make an 11am meeting in Sydney!


I am sure that everyone is experiencing similar problems. Don’t tell me to try different airlines because I have! Lately I have been going up for just one meeting in the middle of the day, which is a waste of time. My question is, can I stop travelling?


We have Skype, webinar software, web cams and what not. Why do I need to travel on planes? And am I the only one experiencing these problems.




Dear GL,


We are all fed up! TO THE BACK TEETH! I remember when you could book a flight and expect to get to Sydney to attend five meetings in a row and make it back for a pre-dinner drink! And it wasn’t that long ago!


When do you have to air travel? Not much. Most people are getting far better at meetings across all sorts of devices. And even those over 40 can use them. Travel is important for big occasions; meeting potential clients for the first time, lining up investors, weddings and holidays.


Otherwise stay home and get wired.

Your Aunty B.

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