Do I stay or leave to pursue my dreams?

Dear Aunty B,

I have a dilemma I would please like your help with.


I am very young (only a few years out of high school) and have worked full-time for a small company with great people for over a year now. My bosses have so inspired me to chase my dreams and have always given me excellent advice.

However, I want to go off and study and eventually start my own business with another friend, but I am very afraid and hesitant to leave my company as they have been so good to me and their knowledge and advice is very important to me. They are honesty more like my friends than my bosses.

Should I stay or leave to pursue my dreams? Or should I go part-time and see how it goes?

I would love your help and advice!

From Confused,

Dear Confused,

Congratulations for starting out so well. You must be terrific to have formed such great relationships in your workplace. And you must be working with great people who see your potential and want to see you succeed.

Which is my point. You want to keep the emotional relationship with these people alive. And you can! You ask them to stay your mentor and you make them feel terrific about the huge role they have played in your life until now. They will understand that you are young and want to pursue your studies. And who knows what the future holds?

One thing: can you stay working there part-time while you study? That doesn’t mean you have to stay when you finish. It means they get the extra benefit of you working part-time and you get to stay involved with a business you love. And remember, life is full of goodbyes. They understand that or they would not be running their own business.

Be smart,
Your Aunty B

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