Do my stilettos distract men?

Dear Aunty B,


For years I have used a bit of shoe psychology. If I am nervous about a presentation, feeling shy or having a bad hair day, I wear a pair of stilettos which I feel give me a bit of authority. I am also quite short and work in a blokey industry (transport).


Recently I was waiting to go into a sales presentation and the receptionist asked me whether men were distracted from what I was saying by my shoes! Now every time I strap them on I think of her comment.


Is this true?


Lisa R,



Dear Lisa R,


I bet said receptionist has flat feet and would love to wear stilettos but can’t. I think every time you strap on your stilettos you should feel very smug. You can walk in them and most of the human species cannot.


It sounds like you could be on to something here. I am sure shoe psychology is a lot less expensive than the real deal. And the stilettos (of which I assume you have many) have probably paid for themselves over time. If you can walk into a room with authority and then sell, men – and women – are going to be listening to your pitch, not looking at your feet.


Many of the most successful female entrepreneurs that I talk to are all very proud of how they look. They do dress to feel empowered. As one said to me yesterday: “Here are the rules of selling; first you sell yourself, then your company, and then your product.” She is in her 60s, looks fantastic, is about to launch a new business, and of course wears stilettos.


All power to your shoes. And do make sure you do lots of calf and back strengthening exercises at the gym so you never have to give them up.


Your Aunty B

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