Does the boss always have to pay for flowers for staff?


I run a small business and feel that I want to make my staff (eight altogether) happy.

My staff are paid above-award wages and at Christmas they receive a good bonus. I have taken them out to many dinners and when there is a death in the family, I have sent flowers and fruit baskets, as well as birthday flowers for their birthdays.

Someone in the team is going to hospital for an operation – do I send flowers for this? Is it always my responsibility for these things or should the other staff members also contribute to each other?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Mandy,

Well, thanks a lot. Really. What type of expectations are you creating? What happens when your staff leave and come and work for me? Huh? I get to look bad. That’s what.

In most workplaces, the hat is passed around for these type of events and the boss just chucks in a bit more, because everyone thinks you’re rich. They’ll bitch behind your back if you only put in your loose change like my last boss at Fairfax.

Unfortunately for you, you have created this situation so live with it. You can’t come out at this point and say: “I know your dad’s just died, but think of me. I am sick to death of forking out.”

But I would certainly not add to the burden you have already created. And draw the line at operations. He might be having exploratory anal work. Or she might be having her tubes tied. Who the hell wants flowers from their boss in hospital with an un-funny card attached?

Good luck,
Your Aunty B


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