Entrepreneurship is an aphrodisiac. Should I stray?

Dear Aunty B,

My business is going crazy. After struggling for five years our revenue has doubled this year and looks like doubling again next year.


I am doing a lot of travel with my business partner and… how can I say this? The success is acting like an aphrodisiac and there has been this tension growing between the two of us (not unpleasant!). However both of us are married, (me quite happily).


Now we are approaching the silly season and I am even starting to think I should make our office Christmas Party a lunch instead of a boozy night function.





Dear Michele,

I feel you urgently need some advice here so let me take a minute away from my IMPORTANT preparations for the SmartCompany Awards tonight and deal with this.


To put it frankly, you don’t get your jam where you get your bread and butter. It is as simple as that. Not even once. And a long snog at the Christmas after-party counts!


Yes, success is exciting and the Australian business landscape is littered with entrepreneurs who are having affairs (oh, there is no much we can’t publish – and I am not revealing names, Dr Phil).


And guess what happens to these entrepreneurs? Their marriages break up, it inevitably affects them and it does affect the business. (See big mistakes of the stinking rich for details.)


So face facts. You need to be very disciplined. Ban overnight stays on business trips and tell him you can’t sit next to him on the plane because you have developed halitosis. Plan formal meetings only with your business partner and stay off the booze during the silly season.


Most important of all, book a good romantic holiday with your husband and remember how lucky you are to be in a happy relationship.


Aunty B - Your problems answered by SmartCompany's business bitch

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