Entrepreneurship needs feminism: When did you first realise sexism is rife in business?

When did you first realise sexism is rife in business?

Was it when someone asked if your business is a ‘hobby’? When the person you were meeting assumed you were there to get coffee?

Did you feel pressure to prove you knew your stuff, and pressure not to be too pushy, or to come across as a showoff?

Did you agonise over what outfit looked just the right amount of professional, without looking like you’d over-thought it?

Did you overthink your handshake? Were you told your product is ‘too pretty’ to be real tech?

Or, have you just heard stories that have opened your eyes to the subtle discouragements still faced by women in Australia in 2020?

We asked some of the best business minds in Melbourne what they’ve seen and experienced. Because entrepreneurship needs feminism.


  • Brandcrush co-founder and CEO Teresa Aprile,
  • Rampersand co-founder and managing partner Paul Naphtali,
  • Mr Yum co-founder and CEO Kim Teo,
  • Synergie Skin founder Terri Vinson,
  • Girl Geek Academy co-founder and CEO Sarah Moran; and
  • League of Extraordinary Women co-founder and CEO Sheryl Thai.


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