Friday night drinks is leaving me with a hangover

Friday night drinks is leaving me with a hangover

Dear Aunty,

We’ve got a problem in our office with Friday night drinks. Most people seem to like a beer or a wine, but it’s all over the place.

Some people grab and drink and go straight back to their desks, others stay for a quick chat, and different groups congregate in different corners. 

Come Monday morning, there are bottles and glasses everywhere and I don’t feel like the whole exercise has been very social.

Should I bother?




Dear Tipsy,

You’re going about this all wrong. Unfortunately, even relaxed social events need a bit of structure.

It’s pretty simple really. Pick a room where everyone can gather – your board room or your lunch room would be perfect – and tell everywhere that’s the only place where drinks and food can be consumed. That way, all your staff (and all their rubbish) will be contained.

I’d also hold it at a set time – say 4.30pm – and tell everyone that it’s time to down tools right then.

And I’d make it monthly too. Then it becomes a little bit of an event and you can give a little company update (but make it brief – no one likes a social event ruined by a long boring speech by the boss).

The whole thing will be a lot easier to manage if everyone knows how it works.

Be smart,

Your Aunty B


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This article first appeared on October 1, 2012.


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