A year’s worth of insights: A 2018 guide to behavioural economics

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One of the things I love most about writing for SmartCompany is it allows me to think about how behavioural techniques may be applied across all aspects of running a business. Wherever you have people, you have the need to influence action.

We’ve covered a lot of ground this year, so in my final blog of 2018, I wanted to provide you with a one-stop shop of all my articles. At a glance, you’ll see how flexible applied behavioural economics can be. Learn techniques once and apply them every day to customers, staff, suppliers, investors, stakeholders and even your own behaviour!


The most-read blog of the year: Make de-prioritising a priority. Most businesses have a list of priorities that is simply unrealistic, so this article is about how to stop falling into that trap.

My favourite behavioural study of the year: Swiping right on product orientation. I read a lot of research in order to distil it into what it means for business. This year my favourite was how gestural actions are impacting conversion. In short, the era of swipe left, swipe right is impacting where to place calls to action.

A hidden gem: Two-speed consumers. We can get caught up thinking everything is changing (technology, demographics, globalisation), but the fundamentals of customer behaviour actually haven’t. If you know what lies beneath, you can anticipate customer reactions and get ahead of the chaos.

Behaviour change

Customer insights

Customer engagement

Pricing and payment

Customer experience

Staff and stakeholders

Habits and personal effectiveness

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