Help! Being on the road all the time is getting me down

Help! Being on the road all the time is getting me down


Dear Aunty B,

I have been running my own consultancy business for the past two years and I love the freedom it has given me. But being a consultant I have to go where the work is and this year that has meant a lot of travel.

When I first started travelling for work, I enjoyed the novelty of it and appreciated seeing new parts of Australia and the world. But the time away from my family is starting to take its toll and I’m enjoying these trips less and less. Most times, I find myself in yet another airport or hotel room and I feel lonely.

Please help.

Tired Traveller,



Dear Tired Traveller,

Jet-setting around the world for business is glamorous and a whole lot of fun – until you have to do it all the time, right?

But as the world becomes more mobile and Australian businesses compete on a global stage, travel can often be essential to not only growing your business, but keeping it going.

Over at Harvard Business Review, Amy Gallo has some really valuable tips for keeping the loneliness at bay when you’re travelling.

Gallo’s first tip is not to work in your hotel room and I think it is a clever strategy. Instead of sitting by yourself in your hotel room plugging away at your computer, try working in the hotel lobby or even a nearby cafe. Better yet, find out if you can work from clients’ office or alongside a colleague.

Gallo also recommends using the times between meetings or flights to quickly steal a moment with people back home, whether its friends of family members. And using Skype or FaceTime, where you can actually see someone’s face, can also help you stay connected.

Finally, Gallo spoke to several business people who find making time for a little sightseeing – even if it is visiting just one tourist attraction – helps. Others use their travel commitments to take some time out for themselves by reading a good book, watching a movie or catching up on sleep.

Be Smart,

Aunty B





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