Help! I cried in front of a client


Dear Aunty B


With all the chaos and stress of Christmas, I lost it and cried in front of a client! A new client! How do I recover myself? Will I ever redeem myself?

I arranged to give a small amount of time today to spend revising the environment, systems etc before I commence the project in 2008, yet when I arrived I had a list a mile long to be completed ASAP, with time pressure to meet my next client. I just fell apart. Trying to please everyone and just wanting to wrap up my business TODAY!

Of course,



Dear Anon,

You poor thing. I am sure every one of the SmartCompany community sympathises from the bottom of their hearts.

But now for the little lecture.

I will reveal to our readers that you are a woman. But they should have guessed – not because you cried, but because of the line “trying to please everyone”.

Many women end up killing themselves trying to please everyone. You can’t. Because if you do, you end up crying in front of a client.

But even worse, you are going to beat yourself up about it. Why do you assume they are seeing it all in a negative light? Everyone is frantic and wrung out at Christmas.

The client in all probability wanted to lay their head on the table and weep with you.

Now about that list. Let’s see it. I bet we could go through it with a red pen and point out at least five things that did not have to be done before Christmas. What will happen if you do them next year? Zip!


And I know it’s good to have a holiday and totally switch off, but in your case why not come back a day earlier than planned. Or hop on the computer from home – after a good break.


Now as for your new client – all you need is a bit of humour. Buy a nice Christmas card. Add a little note with the line: “It’s been a busy year. As you can see I love my clients to tears! Looking forward to working with you on XXX project next year…”


Clients are human too, especially at Christmas.

Have a great rest and best wishes from all of us,

Your Aunty B.

Aunty B - Your problems answered by SmartCompany's business bitch

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