Help! I hired my friend’s website development business but they keep letting me down

Help! I hired my friend’s website development business but they keep letting me down

Dear Aunty B,

I recently decided to revamp my company’s website and after discussing what I wanted to achieve with a good friend, she recommended I get in touch with one of her uni mates who has just started their own website development firm.

The initial meetings went well and they seemed to get everything I said I wanted. But that was three months ago and all I’ve had since is grief. Not only have the project timelines not been met; there are at least three aspects of the beta site that look completely different to what was in the brief. And don’t even get me started on the glitches I continue to find when testing the site.

E-commerce is an important part of my business but this project is taking up too much of my energy – and cash. But I feel obligated to help out this guy as I know what it is like to be a new business owner and I don’t want to upset my friend if I have to pull the pin. What should I do?




Dear Frustrated,

This is a business decision and you need to approach it like you would any other decision that affects the future growth of your company.

You have to put any sense of obligation you have to your friend aside. The fact is, you entered into a business relationship with this developer and if they are not keeping up their end of the bargain, you can’t continue spending time and money just hoping this will change.

And if your friend has your best interests at heart, they will understand if you need to cancel the project.

I think you should raise your concerns with the developer and re-negotiate a deal. If they can’t agree to get the work done on time, it’s time for you to cut your losses and find a new developer.

Be Smart,

Aunty B


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