Help! I just lost $700 worth of stock in the post

Help! I just lost $700 worth of stock in the post

Dear Aunty B,

I run an online retail business and so rely on Australia’s postal system to a large extent. Believe me; I am very familiar with the staff at my local outlet. I recently got a big order from a client worth $700, which I duly dispatched only to receive a complaint from the client a week later that the stock still hadn’t arrived. After some chasing it appears it is lost in the mail.

I had to dispatch another $700 worth of stock to the client and my complaints to the provider (who will remain nameless!) appear to have fallen on deaf ears. All I have been offered so far is some free postal packaging that’s worth about $10 and does little to makeup for my $700 loss.

Do I just grin and bear it?

Going postal,



Dear Going Postal,

Trust me when I say you are not alone in your frustrations with our beloved postal system.

If you have already complained to the provider and you are unhappy with the resolution offered there is a Postal Industry Ombudsman, who you can pass on your complaint to. I find a good vent on social media often does wonders for the spirit as well.

I know it’s not helpful for this occasion but for your next big order you are offered more protection by posting your stock through registered mail. Just be aware this costs extra and for stock worth $700 you will need to pay extra again.

If it does happen again perhaps it’s time to consider one of the many SME courier companies that are springing up as an alternative to our national postal provider. It will at least make you feel warm and fuzzy to support another small business.

Be Smart,

Your Aunty B


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