Should I make my absent minded employee pay for the stuff they lose?

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Hi Aunty B,

I have a good, but absent minded employee. He lost his company phone, so I gave him an old one lying around the office. Now he’s lost a $30 stylus from his tablet. Is it within my rights to ask him to pay for the replacement?

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Dear John,

Are you really emailing me about a $30 stylus? Given the time you spent thinking about this email and then sending it to me you’ve wasted that much money easily.

I think you have your answer in the fact he’s a good employee. This means you are best not to worry about the $30 stylus and just replace it. Company phones are a bit more expensive, so it might be worth while putting in place a policy that says if one phone is lost or stolen the company will replace it, but once it gets to two phones, the employee has to use their own.

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