Help! The employee I fired wants a reference

Help! The employee I fired wants a reference

Dear Aunty B,

I manage a team of about five people and recently we had to fire one of them for continuing performance issues. Even though I think we made the right decision, I obviously feel bad for this employee. But a few days after being fired she emailed me asking for a written reference for a new job she is going for. Is she out of her mind? Or is this normal now? What should I do?





Dear Angela

No, this is not normal. I don’t know what planet your former employee lives on but the person who just fired you is not normally the best person to get a reference from!

You are completely within your rights to just respond that you are not in a position to provide a written reference for her. Who even asks for written references anyway? If she is crazy enough to include your details on her application and a prospective employer gets in touch, you can tell them the period of time this employee worked for you and that she was then fired.

Be Smart,

Aunty B

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