Hey Aunty, why do you hate Gen-Ys so much?

Dear Aunty B,


I am a bit baffled as to why you hate Gen-Ys so much.


I refer to your article: Why can’t I argue with my boss. Please explain? In it you write: “Hmmm. I wonder if Miffed Minion, who is a Gen-Y, been in the job five minutes and thinks she knows everything, has anything useful to say on X.”


This answer set me wondering, why exactly aren’t Gen-Ys allowed to have or voice an opinion? And why are we given such a hard time?


I agree with you that there are some people in the younger generation that do tend to think they know better than anybody else. But I also think that there are Gen-Ys who are keen to learn from Gen-Xs because they have been around longer and know better. I like to classify myself as one of those Gen-Ys.


I respect my boss completely; she has a wider knowledge of the industry, understands what needs to happen and has an amazing eye for detail. While I may not always agree with her point of view, I am very keen to follow her directions.

However, I do think that one of her weaknesses is that she doesn’t like to look for a better method. This is not because I’m a Gen-Y, this is because sometimes there is a better method.

This is usually the point where I like to go and find an answer, through extensive research, and present a detailed report on why this could be more beneficial for our company.

I also co-ordinate different business development managers to come in and explain their businesses and how it can assist us in cost and time cutting.

I organised a deal that was mutually beneficial with one of our suppliers that allowed us to save over $400 every time we have a conference. As a company that has over 70 conferences just in Australia and NZ, it’s a whopping saving!


Isn’t this what’s needed in a business? New ideas that can freshen up a business, help to make it stronger and save it lots of money without cutting down on quality?

I don’t pretend to know everything; in fact I know very little compared to my boss. However, I do see a different side that she does not, and vice versa.


So… does this make me one of your annoying Gen-Ys who has been in the job for five minutes and thinks she knows everything?


Confused Gen-Y,



Dear Confused Gen Y,

You are not just an annoying Gen-Y. You typify the annoying traits of your entire generation. Any criticism and your generation goes into some kind of collective shock. What? Me? You want me to shut up? You don’t want to hear my opinion AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN?


And typically you have got it all wrong. Look, I love the boldness, creativity, confidence and freshness of Gen-Ys. I love the fresh perspective Gen-Y brings to a workplace. I love you guys – you can fix my computer!!


But Confused, there is a LINE. And most Gen -Ys cross it. They get too bold, too cocky. And when you point out they are crossing the line, they get all hoity toity, whinge and write letters to Aunty B.


What is more, they “catastrophise” any criticism so that comments like “please don’t use all the milk on your cereal that you should be eating at home” elicits a “why do you hate our generation?”


Confused; realise this. Your generation is fantastic and powerful and will rewrite all the rules. But do us a favour. We are in control for a little time yet. Just bide your time.


By all means share your BEST opinions (warning; this may mean thinking before you speak…) and when the boss looks bored, figgety or gets that crazed look like they want to kill you, shut up!


By the way, I love the sound of you. Do you want a job?


Your Aunty B.


Neil Bolton at Recruitment Systems writes: Dear Confused Gen-Y, I agree with Aunty B completely. Particularly the bit where she says “Confused; realise this. Your generation is fantastic and powerful and will rewrite all the rules. But do us a favour. We are in control for a little time yet. Just bide your time.” Oh yes; and the bit where she’s offering you a job? We’re in Canberra, and it’s the best place in the world to live, and we’re think we’re the best company in Oz to work for, so I’d really think you should talk to us before Aunty B.

And Confuded Gen-Y responds: I agreed with everything you wrote and I absolutely loved your response, it made my day! If you ever have any need for a conference co-ordinator or event manager, I would be absolutely delighted to work for you. (By the way, I do not eat my breakfast at work, I drink my coffee black saving you money on milk, I stack the dishwasher free of charge and without it needing to be in my job description, I do not like to eat biscuits saving you money on the Tim Tams and I don’t argue back!) If not…. do you play golf? I personally think I would make a great caddie.

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