How can I sell more without spending any money?

Hi Aunty B,


Just got my end-of-year figures and I desperately need to sell more this year or my head is for the chopping block.


Any ideas? I have to cut costs so don’t bother suggesting anything that is going to cost.


Please don’t print my name




Elwood, Melbourne.

PS: I was hoping to enter your awards but my revenue is down – not up. So can’t.





Dear Sorry,


How dramatic. Maybe I should call you Headless or Clueless. Whatever.


Here are 10 ideas that top entrepreneurs use to get new business and they should not cost you a cent.


  • You won’t find new business at your desk. So get up and go out! The true entrepreneur sees opportunities everywhere. Take up golf or ride the bus to work (that will save you money and help the environment). Talk passionately about what you do wherever you are (within reason.)
  • Form alliances and do deals with complementary partners. Get links from their websites to yours.
  • What are your competitors doing? Have a good look at them and then copy and improve.
  • Talk to clients. What are their problems and how can you solve them?
  • Ask for the sale.
  • Become an industry expert. Develop a very strong reputation so people refer people to you. Start a blog
  • Read! Read about other businesses that are successful in other industries. How do they get new business? Can you apply those ideas?
  • List on free online directories
  • Buy some cheap key words and learn to misspell.
  • Get competitive. Look at your pricing, buy a competitor, open new offices or spend on a brand-building campaign. Yes, that will cost but it could be time to be aggressive!


And remember, Sorry, it is a boom economy and what’s that saying? In a strong wind even a turkey can fly.

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