How can I tell if a foreign firm is legitimate?

Dear Aunty B


I am wondering which government agencies I can contact about checking a Chinese manufacture to make sure they are legitimate.


L. Fox,
Excelarate Street Wear,
Tahmoor NSW



Are you in for a treat. If you want to do business in China, you can’t go past the blokes from Austrade.


Take your choice – either Peter Osborne in Beijing or Peter Ironmonger in Shanghai will help.

I’ve met both of them. They have been in China longer than the Great Wall, speak fluent Mandarin, know every nook, cranny and crook in China – and are charming to boot!

Don’t just use them for reputation checking. Ask about alliances, facilities, distribution networks, contacts and introductions.

I haven’t caught up with them for a few years and I am not sure what the Chinese cuisine has done to their waistlines but Foxy, if I was you, I would hop on that plane and check them both out personally.

Start by sending them an email: [email protected]


What are you waiting for? Email your questions, problems and issues to [email protected] right now!

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