How do I attract people from large companies to my small biz?

Hi Aunty B,

We are an aggressive consultancy gearing up for a big sales push in the next six months, but we are finding it hard to attract staff from large companies.

The latest potential recruit has just turned down the job because she says she sees more security and opportunities at the large firm where she is employed.

Any tips on how to attract staff from a large company would be appreciated.


Robert C,
Southbank, Melbourne




Hi Robert,


Count your blessings! Any employee who cites security as a reason to stay with a large firm does not have the aggressive, risk-taking nature you need. And what’s this about security? Obviously she is yet to experience the wave of regular cost cuttings that sweep through large companies leaving redundancies in their wake.


Look Robert, you need to present your potential staff with a vision. Instead of being an unappreciated cog in a large, creaky machine, make them understand the opportunities of jumping aboard your juggernaught. They can learn problem solving skills, resilience, HR skills and be given the opportunity to take on more responsibility at a much earlier stage in their careers than they ever would at a large company.


Talk to them of the challenge they will face and how good it makes you feel to share success.


Listen carefully to what they want (that will surprise and delight them) and work their expectations into the role. Tell them that you want them to be successful, since you are poaching them, and so will work hard to ensure they are. Offer them mentoring and training so they can see you are sincere.


Can’t afford the large salaries? Get them to salary sacrifice in exchange for share options. Or dangle the opportunity to profit share if targets are met.


And get them to have a chat to your other staff who have come from larger companies and are loving the fast-paced, flexible, fun environment.


You have a lot to offer Robert, and you will find that many will jump at the opportunity.

One last tip – one cheeky entrepreneur had a number of inquiries from potential employees after he put an ad in the elevator of a large competitor. Not a bad idea!


Your Aunty B

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