How do I build a global business super fast?

Dear Aunty B,

I have a great idea for a product that is going to rival Google. How do I build a global business super fast? And do you have some examples?


Darling Harbor



Dear Tim,


You sound delusional. If you walk around making such enormous claims, no one believes you and you lose credibility.


But my editor tells me off for answers like this. So here is a super quick answer to build a global business super quick.


  1. First you raise the money from your network. You will need millions.
  2. Build a global brand and vision. Of course it goes without saying that your product is the best in the world.
  3. Develop structures for a big business from the beginning. That includes hiring in expensive people with a lot of experience who can quickly build teams. Also introduce top tools.
  4. Build in brand protection from the beginning and develop barriers to entry so copy cats can’t quickly kill your business.
  5. Have a very effective marketing and advertising campaign in each country.
  6. Last and most importantly, develop an innovative distribution model in each country. To get recurring revenue to offset the money pouring out the door, sell a license or subscription. This could include joint ventures or acquisitions.


Here are some going global stories which should help. Good luck!

>> Unistraw’s gizmo a unique success
>> Data master
>> Going global on shoestring


Your Aunty B


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