How do I get my mopey sales staff excited and motivated?

Dear Aunty B,

I have been hoping that June would pick up but it’s looking awful and my sales team is moping around devoid of motivation. Do you have anything you can pull out of a hat to get them fired up and hitting the phones?

I have already thrown in a bit of commission for larger sales but that doesn’t appear to be hitting the mark.

Dear RPL,

What you need to do is get them to build their pipeline. And you do this by running a competition. You have to remember that sales people love to win. So if they are not winning through making the sales, create a competition around building their pipeline. Run the competition over a week. For three hours every morning, you all hit the phones and the person with the most appointments at the end of the week wins. Does it matter what they win? Probably not. But an iPad 2 or bottle of Grange wouldn’t go astray. Make sure you are in the competition too. It’s fun and you will be amazed at how many appointments you all pull off and the subsequent business that will flow.

Be smart,
Your Aunty B


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