How do I help my young marketing director spread her wings but retain her creative contribution?

Hello Aunty B,


I have a 25-year-old marketing director who has been a major factor in our company’s tremendous growth over the past three years. Initially joining us on a one day a week basis while she completed a double degree in arts/marketing at uni, she has been on full time for the past 12 months.


Following a three month trip to return with her mother to her homeland, we are eagerly looking forward to her return next week. All our colour brochures have been designed (seven in total), our comprehensive web site is working very well (holds no. 1 unpaid spots on Google for most company product search words and phrases), and a comprehensive network of editorial inputs has been established and is maintained. We also have a subscriber-based monthly email newsletter that she produces and distributes.


My problem is I cannot pay her what I know she is now worth, yet I would love to keep her on a contract basis, say one day a week, and while continuing to provide office facilities on a full time basis, provide the opportunity for her to provide marketing support services for other companies that have the need but not the finances or requirement for a full time staff member.

What do you think would be the best way to promote her services and availabilities to companies who may have this need?

Décor Stone,
Burwood, Victoria


Dear Geoff,


She did all that in one day a week? Sounds great! I am sure lots of companies would want to make use of someone who has online skills like you describe. And what a great deal! She already has an office!

Anyone interested? Write to [email protected] and get “Super Marketer” for a few days a week while helping Geoff keep his great marketing manager.



Your Aunty B.

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