How do I let my customers know I have a cheaper product than my competitors?

Dear Aunty B,

I have a business that sells products that are a lot cheaper than my large competitors (but same if not better quality). But how do I let would-be customers know without making it look like we run a cheap, discount business?


Cameron D,



Dear Cameron,


Heard of Bunnings? That company, for years, has managed to run an advertising campaign that sends out a message that it will match the lowest offer. Yet it doesn’t look like a nasty, cheap discount store.


Start an advertising campaign that states you are providing quality at the “best” cost. Then state you will beat any reasonable two quotes. Start a cheeky campaign trading on the fact that you can save your clients costs because you are not some giant company with a massive infrastructure, fancy-pants address and executives driving Maseratis.


You’ll have them lining up!


Your Aunty B.



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