How do I make the clock watchers stay later?

Dear Aunty B,


I have just hired two new staff who come from a government background. Both of them insist on finishing work on the dot of 5pm every day. If they are required to work over time, they record it and take it in lieu.

My other staff have always been happy to work late when required. I am worried they will start to follow the new arrivals’ examples. I am worried that if I say anything they will go to the union.


I adhere to work-life balance, but they are ridiculous. Help.





Dear X,


Talk to them generally about how people get ahead. Make it clear that hard working people – not clock watchers – will have a future and better paid opportunities at your workplace.

Then divide and conquer. Give one employee a big project with a strict deadline and a reward attached. Just watch them work hard and stay later. Hold them up as an example to all.

They will quickly get used to the work ethic in the private sector!



Your Aunty B


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