How do I market an… ummmm… sensitive product?

Dear Aunty B,


My small business, PocoPouch, has developed the Disposer Pouch, a sanitary disposal pouch. We have been selling online for just over two years with a degree of success. I was first apprehensive about the sensitivities of marketing a product related to feminine hygiene disposal but as you see on the TV these days, nothing is behind the curtain such as the onslaught of thrush treatment ads at present.


Do I make my product discreet looking in its packaging, to play along with the discreet disposal product message I’m trying to get across? Does it have to be loud in its appearance to attract teenagers? Do I focus on the environmental message? My slogan is “no more blushing, no more flushing” to send the message of discreet + environment…


How do I do all of this on practically no budget and how do we get government departments, such as Sydney Water, to take notice that we are trying to help them, not hinder?


Look forward to your feedback.



Swarnie Condon




Hi Swarnie,


Why on earth is female hygiene a sensitive topic when this morning, we are ALL talking about male hygiene. (We have a unisex bathroom at our office, Swarnie… need I say more?)


Which brings me to your product. From your carefully worded email I had to go to your website to find out what the hell you sell. For the dear reader’s edification, it is a little bag for the disposal of condoms, pads, tampons, etc.


Now Sharnie… why on earth are you trying to turn the clock back? As you note, times have CHANGED. The best marketing and advertising now empowers women, not shoves them back behind doors with discreet, flowery euphemisms.


First change your packaging. Your message is about safety, convenience, the environment and optimism. It is about empowering women to go where they want, how they want while helping the environment. What a great message!


So why the blushing? You need to be cheeky and funny! Aim your marketing at all the gorgeous busy mums and their teenage daughters who care about the environment, convenience and independence! Tell them how you are going to help them be more independent, environmentally focused and gorgeous.


Focus on the environmental message; got any statistics to back up your claim? Put them on your website, which also needs to reflect your packaging.


I have consulted the great Uncle B, who specialises in colours and he has picked green and yellow for your packaging. Get rid of all those ghastly curls and flowery symbols that make me think of a funeral parlor in the 1950s. Yuk!


As for Sydney Water – why on earth are you wasting time with them? Instead look at new distribution networks including Priceline and pharmacies.


How do you get your product on the shelves to sit next to the tampons, pads and condoms? Can you do a deal with these companies and offer a free giveaway?


Who else can you do distribution alliances with? What about talking to the companies that put disposal units in bathrooms?


So get out there– Swarnie. You have a great product so shout about it from the bathroom! And I am sure you will be happy to get some advice from any other readers. Now if we can only get men to aim straight…

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