How soon can I tell if my new star is a dud?

Dear Aunty B,

I recently poached a gun marketer from a large corporate. He came highly recommended. His probation is nearly up.

I am very unimpressed so far, but I feel I have not given him a fair go. His focus is completely wrong.

The guy himself believes he is a star and I am paying him big bucks. Should I give him more time? (I also feel he left a good job and took a punt to come and work for me, and he has just had his second child!)

Dianne S,
North Sydney


Dear Dianne,

Many managers believe they are stars – so don’t let that influence your opinion because usually they are not.

Look, real quality in management ranks shows up quickly. If you can’t see it early on, then chances are you won’t see it at all.


Before you let him go, make sure you have given him the instruction he needed to hit the deck running. If you feel there is any chance of him working out, maybe you could extend his probation for a few months. Otherwise you have no choice.

Yes, it is hard to have to let someone go when they are in the midst of family matters. But you have responsibilities to staff, shareholders, suppliers and your own family.

Good luck,

Your Aunty B.

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