Help! My employees don’t have any energy left

Help! My employees don’t have any energy left

Dear Aunty B,

It’s getting towards the end of the year and I can feel that my employees have less energy than usual. It’s been a tough year and everyone has put in the hard-yards, but I just don’t know how to bring back a spark to people’s step. I’ve suggested to a few employees that they take a few days off work over the next few weeks, but they all want to save up their annual leave for the Christmas break. What can I do?




Dear Frazzled,

It sounds like your employees need a good kick up the bum. It’s only September! Besides, they may have been working hard, but I bet no one has been putting as much time and effort into the business as you have.

In saying that, if your employees are tired it’s going to affect their workplace performance and nobody wants that.

The lovely Rebekah Campbell from Posse likes to take her team off-site every now and then in order to socialise and come up with new ideas.

Maybe this is something you can do too? It can even be on a much smaller (and cheaper) scale.

Why not have your weekly meeting over lunch or coffee so the ideas and discussion flow more naturally?

If that doesn’t work, you can always take them out for gin and tonic.

Stay smart,

Aunty B


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