Six tips to help you create the perfect company vision

Six tips to help you create the perfect company vision

I am particularly passionate about the topic of company visions because all of my strategic decisions are guided by my business vision, and from a HR perspective it has been imperative in engaging my team.  

The company vision is about looking forward, it is about where you want to be. It provides hope and direction for your team and helps you to stay focused on the ultimate goal – particularly on those tough days!

Here at wattsnext our vision is “to be nationally recognised and respected for changing the way businesses utilise HR whilst creating an internal culture that inspires and develops our people.” I truly believe in our vision and the communication of the vision to my staff has contributed to wattsnext strong year-on-year growth.

The fact is, a company’s vision is the key to its success, and without a clear, communicated vision your staff just have a job. If they don’t know what you are aiming for how can they be driven to grow the business and be passionate about the journey?

Below are my tips to help you create an engaging and clear company vision:  


1. Avoid the numbers


Numbers don’t work in this space; make sure your vision is something everyone can latch onto regardless of what department they work in. A sales goal can mean less to someone in admin, but all staff can visualise and feel.


2. Be concise


Using confusing or unclear language will mean people turn off, this includes the use of industry specific speak. You want anyone who glances at your vision to know exactly what your company stands for.


3. Be realistic


As an owner, director or CEO you want to reach the stars, but your team needs to believe. This isn’t to say that you should be soft, but ensure the vision is something all levels of your team believe in and agree is achievable.  


4. Passionate, powerful and memorable


A passionate vision is a memorable vision; paint a picture in people’s minds. You have a real opportunity here to make a statement that sets you apart from your competition. Take advantage of this – vanilla is boring; you want to aim for goose bumps!


5. Make sure your vision reflects you and your dream


You as the owner, director or CEO will inevitably be the face of the company, make sure your vision reflects who you are and where you want to take the company. Whether viewed internally or externally this is your dream and ultimately it needs to get you out of bed each day! You need to believe and be proud to shout it from the roof tops.


6. Communicate and share the story of your vision


Once you have confirmed your company vision make sure you communicate the story of the vision passionately with all of your team. Take them through the journey of why, what and how you created this vision and the importance of embracing it.

Your vision has multiple purposes and can be extremely powerful for you and your team. Companies without a vision have no direction, no passion and no soul. Never underestimate a well thought-out and communicated vison, it can lift your people’s performance, help retention and drive your growth. Give every word thought and use an external facilitator if unsure, but never ignore the power of a strong and communicated company vision.


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