I am 46, web-unsavvy, but run a web business. Help!




Dear Aunty B


I am sooo not Web 2.0, but I have found myself, at the age of 46, running a new web business.

When I point out something is not working or wrong, my cheeky staff, who are very web savvy, suggest I show them how to fix it or improve it. Have I set the bar too high?


In despair,




Dear Web-Stupid,


Who gives a toss what they think. Just hop online and show them some e-snaps from that gorgeous holiday in Morocco. That’ll remind them who’s smart. I bet none of them even have a mortgage.


But Web-Stupid, I must confess… I am sooo old fashioned. I believe entrepreneurs should lead by example. They should be able to walk up to people and confidently identify the problem and show them what is wrong and why it’s wrong. Look at the trouble companies like Coles and Fairfax have got into with people at the top lacking hands-on experience. (No David. Rugby doesn’t count.)


So Web-Stupid, I suggest some books or a few lessons on the sly. Also stop asking your staff stupid questions and hire a PA who is technologically brilliant and can cover for you.

As for the bar, stop thinking about height and go and have a drink.


Your friend in web,
Aunty B

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